SWTOR Class Progression System

If you do not already know, in SWTOR there are four classes available for play, each of which has two distinct progressions. While we can only speculate for our SWTOR guide at this point, the developers have given us some interesting information on class progression.

SWTOR is supposed to be a fusion of the wildly popular Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game (commonly called KOTR) with MMO-based play. In KOTR, players progressed their characters in an unusual way.

Rather than grinding, questing, and leveling, players unlocked new abilities and their characters took specific paths based on the actions they took throughout the game. If you chose to act a certain way during a quest or encounter, you might unlock one ability or progression path instead of the other.

The developers have mentioned that this type of SWTOR class progression will be part of live MMO. This came as quite a surprise to this SWTOR guide, as many players like to have complete control over their character. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Only time will tell. Perhaps we will be manually able to select our specialization or told what the outcomes of our actions will be before we do the quest. I can see many players being unhappy when they want their Trooper to become a Commando only to wind up with the defensive specialization instead.

There is a “class quest line” which guides the development of your character. More details about this will be added to this SWTOR guide over time. However, what we know for now is that your character will have a series of solo quests that will define who he (or she) is in the SWTOR universe. These quests will be specific to the Smuggler, Trooper, Jedi, etc. No class will have the same quests.

The meaning of these quests is to establish your role in the SWTOR universe, particularly your role as a hero. I think that this is an excellent (and very exciting development). In other MMOs you just are plopped into a world and sent to do menial tasks. You feel like a disreputable vagabond with a bloodthirsty streak rather than a hero who will save the realm from evil (or a villain who will take over the world).

As stated, more information will be added to this SWTOR guide over time. I for one cannot wait for SWTOR to be made available for play!