How to Get Better Gear in SWTOR

In this SWTOR guide post, I wanted to cover how you can get better gear in SWTOR. Let’s face it: gear and MMORPGs go hand-in-hand and the success or failure of most MMORPGs in the long-run is highly dependent upon the ability to garner new and exciting pieces of loot.

In this SWTOR guide, you will discover the methods for which players can earn new gear at end-game.


Unlike many other recent MMORPGs, Star Wars: The Old Republic states that they plan to make crafting useful again. This is an exciting development for many players as this 1) makes crafting useful and 2) gives players other options for upgrading their gear.

In particular, the developers have stated that there will be a high-quality craft system. In other words, on occasion, you will craft a “high quality” version of an item which can make it very good. This is quite similar to the system used in FFXI and FFXIV.

Think about crafting a typical epic in WoW. Imagine that on occasion when you crafted that epic, a higher quality item was produced. Let’s say that instead of ilvl 350 it came out as ilvl 360 and had bonus stats. This system does not exist in WoW but is supposed to exist in SWTOR.

This means that crafters who manage to craft +1s or other high-quality high-end gear will be able to either outfit their characters very nicely or sell this gear on the auction house for a big profit.


Another method for acquiring gear is via PvP. While the exact systems have not yet been announced (will update this SWTOR guide when they are), the developers have stated that players can earn “tokens” from PvP which can be traded in for “PvP” gear.

We do not yet know if there will be PvP-only stats (ala resilience from WoW) or if this gear will be similar to PvE gear but just earned from PvP. Personally I think that PvP stats are a bad idea, and that gear separation should not be so distinct. Why limit players to PvP only with their gear earned via PvP? They earned it so let them explore the world with it – it helps prevent pigeon-holing players into certain roles.


Recently, WoW has brought back raiding as the gold standard for getting gear in MMORPGs. In SWTOR this will be no different and the developers have already stated there will be raids at end-game.

What we do not know is if raids will provide better gear than everything else, how many players each raid will contain, or really any other details about them – just that they will exist.

Check back at this SWTOR guide for more details when the game comes closer to release and we should have more information about raids in SWTOR.